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Office optimization

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Miranda is very detail-oriented and was super helpful! I couldn’t have pulled our move off without her!
— Claire, Office Manager at Heap Analytics

Developing a diversity of use in meeting rooms.


Milkwood worked closely with AltSchool to assess the uses of meeting and phone rooms in their space. While most of the meeting rooms functioned well already, we made a few changes so they could better support design team charrettes, candidate interviews and brainstorming sessions. 


Miranda is incredibly easy to work with and has a great team. After focused dialog about our design intentions, Miranda presented an excellent proposal. I’d recommend Milkwood Designs to anyone looking to improve their workspace! Everyone in our office enjoys the new designs and has immediately embraced the change.
— Sadiqeh, Internal Ops Associate at AltSchool
I would absolutely recommend Miranda to someone looking to perk up the look of their office and make better use of their space.
— Miles, Head of Internal Ops at AltSchool


New office for rapidly growing fin-tech company.


Long Game brought Milkwood onboard as soon as they knew they wanted to move out of the coworking space they had been based out of. Milkwood helped them to understand their requirements of a new space and work with their broker, Custom Spaces, to find the right office that they could grow into. We developed a growth plan and scaling strategy that will allow Long Game to sublet part of their office to other companies until they're ready to use that space. 


We love our new office, Miranda and her team did a great job with the space. We look forward to working with Milkwood on more projects as our company grows.
— Ben, Operations Director at Long Game

Co-working with work/life balance.

Milkwood came on early in the process as a design consultant for this co-working space cum cafe by day and wine bar by night. We worked with the founders to vet the site for usability and programming. The architecture and design of the space were completed by Cee Architects.


Warm and inviting space for food tech company.


Sourcery, a long term client of Milkwood, has grown and expanded its team over the three years we've worked together. Milkwood has worked to create an inviting space as they have expanded and their sub-letters have moved on. We worked closely to develop custom pair-coding desks that enable their team to pair code quickly and effectively.

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